portrait painting oils


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hi my friends,
I found the reference picture for this oilportrait on pinterest but can't relocate it at the moment. it measures 40 x 40 cm and I was mesmerized by her eyes and decided to paint it. it is one of my favorite paintings I have completed though I think the turquois is too strong and steels away from the face ... what do you think?
It is a great work ! I think you're right, the turquoise is a bit too strong and the contrast with her hair is somewhat off balance. I would push her dress towards a more blue / reddish tone to complement the other colors. Just my 2 cents and my humble opinion... You technique is ... wow ! ! ;-)
Yeah. At first I thought the dress would complement the eye color, but when I stuck my finger across the picture at about the level of your name (easy to do with a phone) the eyes really popped out!
An intriguing character, very well executed.

It's a beautiful portrait. I personally like the turquoise amd I love how you've included it in her hair. I agree that the eyes would have more impact if the dress was toned down a little, maybe towards blue as Erik suggested. But I love it as it is!
thank you friends for your valuable input and I will give it a thought .... I finished this portrait that had been on the shelf for I think 2 yrs knowing, that the turquoise had not been one my best choices to surround a face with. That was one of the reasons I had not finished it. I will give it a digital try which I will post here (It would make me feel safer not to try new colors on an otherwise not so bad painting). :)
Fantastic looking portrait.
The eyes pop out more on the second one but for some reason I kinda like the first version better.
I like the original for "wow" quality. When you soften the blouse the eyes pop more I think. It would stand out in a crowd either way. Just gorgeous technique.