Portrait of a Little Girl


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Thought I'd share. I'm pretty pleased, being that I have painted less than a dozen humans and most of them were with dogs. I wasn't thrilled with the "school picture" pose, but it is a companion piece to her older sister's portrait by another painter (retired) painted years ago. I used a modified Zorn palette (I added french ultramarine). It's 16 x 20 on stretched canvas. I do sketch the features on the canvas first with oil based colored pencil, which is how I do my doggies.
Very nicely done Robin. You captured her happiness and sweetness here. I can tell what sort of little girl she is and the painting makes me happy.
Very well done Robin! Yes, I find myself mimicking expressions when I am painting portraits. Maybe that translates down to the hand. :giggle: You did a beautiful job in any case.