Pine In The ...



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives ..
I was working with paint straight from the tube for a block in and then trying to impose my will on the block in. I need to learn what does what. It seems my Lemon Yellow - Sennelier Rive Gauche is not pure as it acts weirder than my other mixtures without white. I bought some because of the pandemic I couldn't get a yellow anywhere so I settled on this. Would not but again. I will have another go at the technique as I think it has some endearing qualities to it. The back ground is pure and the trees and foreground are mixtures.
I really like this one! Maybe because of the singularity of the trees. The simplicity. The green pops, and the contrast of the foreground helps. It's a beauty. ♥️
thanks Arty, Kay, and Penny

I was after an illusive background which would push the trees. I can see it worked a little. :unsure:
Pine in the...alla prima? :LOL: PITA - your titles always get me!

I'm sorry this one fought back a little. You still ended up with a jamming little painting. Your trees look brilliant against that background. Loving your reds and earthy mix.

It's a beauty!