Paranoia will Destroya


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oil on 12" x 20" panel
comments welcomed

Well done! The viewer is immediately drawn to the first figure's face and expression. Such tension in his face. (y) ❤️ (y)
Love it. I especially like the blur of the clerk in the background for some reason. Good one! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you Thank you. I'm continually amazed at however so slight shifts in composition can affect an image.

This is my street photo that I based the painting on:

For the painting I loosened up the framing and gave more space around the character.


so the facial expression and angle on the back figure would have been better had a followed the photo. But look what just matching the crop to the photo does.


The tension between the characters is increased and there is a greater sense of foreboding paranoia imo.
Wow, I had a whole different narrative of the scene before I saw this picture. I'd honestly like to keep it the way I had it in my mind. It was an old hotel, like an old rooming house place. The background were stairs. The guy in the window was the hotel clerk...the story all came unfolding in my mind. It was a cool story in my head. ;)
Great going Bongo !
I appreciate your inclusion of the different iterations of this scene, very interesting.
I also mostly agree with Arty, I had a similar story conjured up about what was going on.
The facial expression is terrific.