Page III ... They left before I got to know them ... they crossed an undisclosed divide.



Wayne Gaudon .. Alla Prima .. 11 x 14 inches .. Oil on Panel ..
Dramatic, I like it. And there's a story. I like the high colors of the character against the darker background. (y)
Thank you Donna, Zen, Sno, and Jo.
Not much to figure. Non representational abstract. You like it or you don't.
I do like it, the movement, shapes and colors, but don't understand it. :) I think I'm going to start letting you title my paintings.;)
Well Sno, it's like this. When I was painting this it appeared to me to be a big old bull under the weight of a family crossing a sheet of icy snow in which the bull was sinking into the darkness under as a result of trying to carry too much of a load.
Well now, that's taking the bull by the horns...that's a good rendition of the painting. 👌

I see the bull now that you've pointed him out, Wayne, horns and all! When I see things like this in my work I never know what to do; leave them alone and let them live in abstraction or define them, lose the abstraction and veer off into ... weirdness. :rolleyes:
Well Donna, I just go with the flow cause if I don't I quickly come to the realization I can't paint and accidentals are what make my paintings look good. Of course looking good to me don't mean they are good but I do know what I like. You is who you is an' that's the way the wind blows. Grammar for Sno.
Well, I love this! ❤️ It has nothing to do with a bull, who in my mind isn't really a bull but the badly broken part of a large ship, with the bow pointing upwards dramatically as she is tossed in stormy seas.

It's a dark and stormy night...
I suppose I'm with sno on this one.

Now that you point out the bull, I still am not sure how to comment. I love your work otherwise though. ;)
Thanks Ayin, Joe, and Terri.
It's not important that someone should like or understand everything. Some I love for awhile and later when I go through my books to thin the herd I wonder why I ever kep it. Keep smiling. 😀