Only The Wind

Anything up there ?
From a long time ago.
Keep an eye on that cloud and see the Contemp/Abstract Forum.
12x18 ins acrylic/canvas

glare in upper right, otherwise pretty close to IRL.


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beautiful, both versions.
so this is the initial situation, then the cloud, I like it


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You said: "From a long time ago"

yes, missing the light. I like the design and color: and the blue cloud.


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I commented in the other forum about this one, how it reminds me of a van Gogh. I really like this one.

Thank you all very much.
I was doubtful if anyone would see what isn't visible, but is really there and what I wanted to express; the empty loneliness of a place with nothing but the wind to hint at what used to be, or what is coming, or something incomprehensible to us.

Maybe this is related to the invisible sculpture and paintings that were discussed on some other thread here.

Or maybe I just need some coffee.

I will follow up on sno's suggestion as soon as I get the paint on the Duralar washed off, and post it here.
While you're playing with the Duralar, try just some pure white on the top of the little cloud. :)
Dear sno,
First of all, I can understand your feelings and reaction to those awful events in your life.
My heart goes out to the parents of those two poor boys who must now bear the unbearable.

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The Duralr did not wash off as completely as I wanted, you may be able to see some specks of paint left that I was afraid to scrub any harder on for fear of scrubbing off the coating of the Duralar. Maybe a really long soak in soapy/alcohol water might loosen them.

Here is the initial swat at your suggestion;
P1010127Only The Wind sno.JPG

Is this sorta what you had in mind? I have a couple of more ideas that I will post here. Any further suggestions ?


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If you're using acrylic paint, maybe using gouache on the duralar would do what you need and can be easily washed off.
If you're using acrylic paint, maybe using gouache on the duralar would do what you need and can be easily washed off.
Thanks, ntl. I thought of gouache too, but decided to stick with acrylic because then I would have the exact paint hue and value to put on the original and I probably would not have an exact match if I used gouache.

However, given the trouble I've had with the acrylic, I will give gouach a fair trial now.