One of the oldest I painted that is still around.


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A friend told me that she still has it.
It is an oil on Masonite. I was still very angry with the education I got from the catholic nuns back then.
I went to an all girl school where my mother was also a part time teacher.
You never quite recover from that. I still hear warnings of hell in my head. 😵😁
(How can you have such a distinguished mother and be such an insolent young woman?)
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Love it. Really like the dazed expression.

On a side note... ding ding ding, class will begin.. nuns left a few impressions.
OMG, what a gorgeous painting. I wish it was mine. It's exactly the kind of work I would want to buy and have on my wall. Really, really cool. The style is so refreshing. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️