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This is painted with acrylics on a small canvas , 8x10
I had a draw on FB and someone I don’t know won it.
Lilly raising an objection as her mom smokes. For some weird reason , I thought that I’d miss it, although it is not that important . So I decided to paint another one with Lilly raising hell again. I posted it on FB as I am working on it and someone commented on it calling it rabbit porn.

I felt weird about such a comment. To me it was only a rabbit in a tutu. That is what I said to the guy who says that his reaction is one of a guy.
It reminded me of a painting that I painted years ago of a topless musician playing a weird instrument . The girl was a model that posed for us where I took classes.

It sat in a storefront window for a while in an antique store. Someone had come in and complained that it was not nice to show such things near a school. I took the painting home and painted a white t-shirt on her. It sold with the t-shirt .

I feel sad and angry at myself for feeling troubled by that.
I like it. I'm not immune to rabbit porn but this is hardly the case. What's more astounding and delightful is a female rabbit standing up, smoking a pipe and wearing a tutu and ballet slippers, and her children in dresses. Love the fantasy. :)
These are the coolest rabbits EVER! I have a feeling, there is quite a story behind your rabbits .... I'd love to know what it is ... or do I? :LOL:
I love your rabbits! People who have dumb opinions...that's THEIR problem, not yours. Don't make it your burden Joce. Make what you want with your intentions, which I know aren't rabbit porn. ♥️