On the move


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This is one of my favorite paintings I've done.
movin on.jpg
Any of my paintings are for sale, even though it is sometimes like selling my children. :) I'll go see how big it is. I think it is 20"X30" but I've been wrong before, I haven't looked at it in a while. It may be 18X24. 🙃
Very atmospheric and wonderful placement of the horses. I have a thing about horses, as you know, so I was always going to love this :)

Do you remember the painting I began with as practice to paint the portrait?
Thank you Ian, and yes of course I remember your horse. It was on a light raw sienna background. :giggle:
Actually, I remember 3 or 4 horse paintings you did. The one I spoke of I think was a polo pony, then there was a black horse running toward the viewer on sea shore, several in a race and the abstract horse. Did good, didn't I? ;)
I understand why it is among your favorites (although in reality I admire so much every your work that I have seen,), it is a masterpiece, fabulous work,
I like it so much for the protagonists, for the movement, it seems they must come out of the screen and the sky, the colors of the sky have something, even the surface is perfect and important,
I could not actually explain my impressions on the works of art and not that they matter but
however, the horses and the colors of this painting I find that take your breath away.
thank you for publishing it.
Joe said it best for me.
Even though I am not particularly fond of horses, this is very appealing as embodying the feeling of 'onward and upward full speed'.