Old Museum Building 1


oil painter
I’m trying to get back to plein air after a few lazy weeks. Went to a museum area with my cat. We had huge audience, international and locals, but luckily they didn’t come to stare at my painting, instead they were interested in my cat: I think I will always go paint out with my cat :giggle: . People were nice and they kept the distance. 👏 This was a fun day out! 🌞

“Old Building I” (will go paint more of these buldings), 18×24 cm, about 7×9 inches, oil on canvas board.


Good job. Not sure about the cat theory. If you didn't have the cat maybe they wouldn't have stopped at all - just kept walking - but the cat draws them in, and then they see you painting. Classic advertising tactic.
Sno, thanks! 😻
Enyaw, thanks! 👍
Bongo, 😹 thanks, I need to consider this theory better ... 😆
and yes ,beautfiful cat.

photo of the cat, the tale andBongo reminded me of this, feline utalent
tells about this cat and an incredible, beautiful story of friendship. movie and book title.
The cat named bob, book and film (film and beautiful story that I liked so much) inspired by a true story, the cat became a bit of the attorney and partner, and shoulder and all to do with a musician, (that cat is an actor, novelist, fantastic entertainer and also prosecutor) and above all he saved the life of the boy
Your cat looks like a small tiger.

Really intriguing painting. That building is amazing--you picked a terrific subject. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. Good to see you! ♥️
Joe, thanks .. amazing video and amazing cat in the video! 😻😻 Truly enjoyed it.
Arty & ntl, thank you 🤗 so much both! 👍👍 Although, I might leave that painting as it is b/c I feel I didn't manage to make it painterly enough. I think I did an architectural drawing with brushes and oils instead of an oil painting. There's is only one way to go forward: improve for the next one to get more painterly result which I'm after. The place is full of these buildings plus different sort of mills and it's near me so I can practice more with better luck. Nevertheless I do like this drawing/painting.
Great job, you gave the building a real presence.
Strangely enough, it looks like it is in the great Southwest of the USA instead of half a world away, to me at least.