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The Crest is a much-loved little 4-screen neighborhood theatre - that surprisingly plays first run movies on their opening week.

A wingnut on my 39-year-old easel will sometimes need a nudge from a pair of pliers - which slipped out of my hand hit the pavement and broke into pieces. Fortunately, I keep a nutcracker for backup.


There is something poetic about tightening a wingnut with a nutcracker.

the drawing -

One lady drove by and told me she wants to paint/or draw the Crest too - but didn't want to stand in the sun, so she drove off.
Another guy told me he draws -- anything, everything - including something for an (imaginary) video game.
Another guy told me he always wanted to sing and paint, but can't because he has a hand tremor - which actually wasn't trembling when he showed his hand to me. Not sure how the hand tremor kept him from singing - forgot to ask. Then I stepped back from the easel and a Somali guy popped in my place. He had a lot to say, but his English sounded like Somali to my ear. Something about wanting me to make two paintings - at the same time or something like that.

blocking in


Crest Theater - oil on 18"x14" panel


I had a hard time putting lines of text on the marque. Finally decided to go with one large title and let it go at that. So afterward I'm thinking,
... Bambie... is that right? The movie about the doll is "Bambie? No you idiot it's Barbie not Bambie, I put the Crest playing Bambie!.. oh well.
I like that it says "Bambie." It gives it even more character than it already had. This is awesome! I love it! ♥️
I saw Bambie in the theater and Barbie too lol. Nice work! I especially like how the negative space defines the positive on the word Crest.
What a cool painting! You can never be accused of shying away from complex subjects! Great job with the lettering too. Barbie, Bambie, Zombie it’s all good.
Thank you everyone!
Ayin - so Bambie was one of those happy accidents or blissful ignorance.
Jo - Plein Air is a lot of fun.-- challenging too.
CaliAnn, always appreciate you dropping by.
Donna, - a Zombie Barbie - you might be on to something.
Thanks Kyle, for "Crest" I would usually paint the red letters first, then the sky around it. This time I painted the sky first, leaving a void for the letters, then painted the red letters in the void. Just to try something different (for me)

Kyle with a new daughter, I have a feeling you'll be seeing Barbie and Bambie again in a few years.
Neat! You are becoming well known for turning the mundane into interesting paintings. ❤️ (y)
thanks Sno, don't know how this old post made it's way back BUT after I posted it, I added some people and cleaned it up-- I thought I posted it but don't see it so here it is
I like the angle view of things in this painting. People are great addition! I like your sky and how there shows other colors, maybe it's underpainting. I like the composition, l like everything about this painting. Excellent work!