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I’m tossing out some dumb photos, and so I thought I’d dump (errr....I mean, share) this lovely picture, taken from a home in some god forsaken part of New Mexico. Since I’m going on Zillow every day looking for my dream house that I can’t yet buy, sometimes I’ll be adventurous and look in different places. This was in our price range and has a nice view on the outside. But....uhm....no, thanks. I DO actually see a lot of homes with dead heads on the walls, but maybe this was overkill.


Jeez. It seems like there's too much of the body on these. Doesn't it? Maybe that's how they asked the taxidermist do do them? It's just weird, and so many? Okay, we get it, you know how to shoot. Nice house though.
Jeez. It seems like there's too much of the body on these. Doesn't it? Maybe that's how they asked the taxidermist do do them? It's just weird, and so many? Okay, we get it, you know how to shoot. Nice house though.
Hunters don't usually keep the body for taxidermy, the rack is all they want for trophies and bragging rights. I'd rather have a nice young tender one to eat than have a rack to hang on the wall.
All I can do is imagine plopping down on the sofa to watch TV or read, and what it must feel like to be in their dead presence. It seems you can only see up into their nostrils when sitting there. And aren’t you always going to be thinking that you’re...prey? I’m not sure if dead deer heads work better at eye level, but placing them that high up make them seem like a herd of gigantically tall creatures watching you, and maybe...salivating. They had some more heads in other rooms, too.

Obviously, I’m bothered. It’s a disconcerting and intimidating place to just “hang and relax.” I think I’d go insane. And I think the house is ugly, too. So there!

I’m no hunter so maybe there’s an appeal I’ll just never understand. And taxidermy is an artform, isn't it?Posting this made me remember a show about his British artist named Polly Morgan and it was kind of fascinating to watch her work. She picks ups road kill and stores it in a fridge and when she's ready to work on them, just pulls them out and starts cutting out the insides and whatever. La di dah, la di dah....





My Brother-in-Law has an average-sized living room (much smaller than the room above, that's for sure). In that space, he has 3 deer heads and a pheasant. He was always a bit creepy. When his daughters were little he'd teach them to root for the hunters who killed Bambi's mother. :(
Olive, those photos make my skin crawl! The deer heads are bad enough but those are atrocious!
I started a thread on Architecture under Art History. Perhaps Arty can move that into an Architecture forum under the various art forms/genre?
The magpie with the phone is kinda cool.

Magpies can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Recommended-- the episode of Inspector Lewis called "One for Sorrow."

The priest, he says we're wicked
For to worship the Devil's bird.
Ah, but we respect the Old Ways,
And we disregard his word.
For we know they rest uneasy,
As we slumber in the night.
And we'll always leave out a little bit of meat
For the bird that's black and white.

One's for sorrow, two's for joy
Three's for a girl, and four's for a boy
Five's for silver, six for gold
Seven's for a secret, never told.

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It's a "stag party"! And not very endearing. There are a few politicians, etc, I would have mounted, but, there again, the mug of a pug protruding from a dining room wall would be infinitely more appealling, wouldn't it?

Which reminds me. I was litter-picking on the Housing estate where I worked, when I passed a jeep that was sporting something colourful from the fender. I was assuming it was some fancy customisation, when I heard someone call. It was the wife of the chairman of the board. Their friend had been driving along and hit something. And could I get it out? Being the obliging sort, and not the squeamish toady of legend. Sure, I said, So there I was at eight-thirty on a Monday morning, hungover, hoping the pheasant i was trying to dislodge from a fender would loosen its grip rather than rip in two. The things you have to do.
Ewww. Iain, I hope you were compensated for your gallantry in removing pheasant from fender.

And magpies are all over NM.

During our last trip there, we were driving out of this picture postcard valley called Elk Valley, where we didn’t see any elk. Just some cows...or as they call ‘em out there...cattle. But when we got closer to home (meaning, civilization), we fell behind a mini caravan of two red and very muddy pick up trucks. I was able to be all nosy and up in their business at the stop light. They had a bunch of mysterious hunting junk in the trunk but there, in the bed, sat two GIGANTIC elk heads...with their majestic horns spanning over the top of the truck, and bloody necks, and (what I imagined) was surprised horror in their eyes.

I’m not familiar with elk emotions so maybe that’s how they always look.

In any case, I was able to stare at them for a short minute, until the light changed and we went our separate merry ways. But they remain in mind.
I always count magpies using the rhyme, I'm superstitious like that.
Regarding the house, I'm surprised someone would think stags heads on the wall is a selling point.
Anybody else here seen The Illusionist? In the opening scene, the hallway Inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti) strides down on the way to his meeting Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell) is lined with so many racks of antlers it looks like a Medieval torture chamber.

Truly creepy.
I don't mind the taxidermy art. There is a Los Angeles artist that uses that in her work too, Carlee Fernandez.

Olive, I think you'd LOVE the writer Jenny Lawson. She's written a few memoirs and grew up in a family of taxidermists, a somewhat dysfunctional family, and definitely weird. She is hilarious and witty, like you. You can sample some of her work on Amazon. She even has some audio books that she reads herself (I'm pretty sure it's her), that you can also sample. One is called, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, but the second one is the best one: Frivolously Happy. She also has a great blog I follow The Bloggess.
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