Not a Black Sun


I finished two watercolors this morning. This is one of them. 10 x 7 inches on Arches.

This one is nicely balanced, I think. I recognise Klee's influence. In The Giant Beautiful, too, for that matter. I shall resist the temptation to say what I see in the lines here. I am partly reminded of stadia. Nearly.
Yes, it is Arty. And of course it isn't a black sun, it is a target. 😁 Good to see you able to get a little work done again Arty. ❤️
Iain, thank you so much. I honestly wasn't even thinking of Klee, but I LOVE that you said this. I don't know what stadia is though.

Thank you so much trufflecat. I appreciate what you said. ❤️

Sno, Thanks, I didn't think of a target, but I think you might be right. Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I've been on a roll this last week. ❤️
It's just an obnoxious person's word for stadium or, more precisely, a plural for it. Oh, yes, I do see Klee in your work. And I love both.
Taking off on Iain's interpretation, I see the big midfield logo of "O" in the "Shoe" for good ole Ohio State University, -Go Bucks !
The opposing team in the weird colored uniforms seems to be one player short, = a 15 yd penalty -Yea !
I also see a play diagramed out and the cars in the parking lot.
Great football art, or maybe I am too obsessed with waiting for Opening Day of the season.
Sorry Arty, I like it, no matter what.
Thanks Trier. I never thought of football art. I was hoping to be nonrepresentational, but you can't have everything. ;) :ROFLMAO::LOL: