Nine Random Littles


These are all the little pieces I've made in the last weeks and months. I haven't really been doing much between these, but I've needed to do small works for an open studios event that will be coming up in October, so I'm trying to crank out illustrations like this, and to make myself work a little. Here they are...

Fish Rider, watercolor and colored pencil, 12 x 9 on Arches:


Little Turtle House, Watercolor and ink on Arches, 6 x 6 inches:


Cake Stand, watercolor and ink on paper, 7 x 5 inches:


Desirable Watercolor Painting, watercolor on Arches, 10 x 7 inches:


Stupid Sharp Knives, watercolor and gouache on Fabriano paper, 9 x 12 inches:


Daisy Downer, watercolor and ink on paper, 7 x 5 inches:


Flower Sick, watercolor and colored pencil on Arches, 6 x 9 inches:


Hilda, watercolor and colored pencil on Arches, 9 x 6 inches:


Piñata Head, watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on Arches, 10 x 7 inches:

How whimsical! They look like illustrations for a book-

It's possible I like Turtle House best- or Sharp Knives- or, I tell a lie- Daisy Downer....

Well done!
Ha! These are wonderful - I love the small sizes here for these little gems. Cake Stand, Daisy Downer, and Desirable Watercolor Painting are the big standouts for me.

You've been busy!
For some reason, of these works is "Fishrider" speaking to me most. Radiates a kind of sincere innocence...
But I like them all, especially in combination with each other, a feeling of troubled childhood maybe...those things are never easy to put into words.
Lovely little expressions. I like them all except sharp knives as the tension is sharp. The painting is good but the subject cutting. Excuse the pun.
Turtle house, horse with pinata head, upside down flowers in a vase, fish with legs.. and a propeller. So inventive - and I love the clean innocent style. A children's book made for adults. 🤩
These are all great, and very Ayin. Sometimes the small sizes really help sales in shows. Glad to see you are still being productive. ;) ❤️
I love all of these. I struggle to find a favourite as they are all so interesting. Maybe Daisy Downer and Little Turtle house. I find your work very inspiring!
Thank you all for your inspiring feedback on these. I didn't realize I was all that productive, but I'm sure posting nine makes it look like it. These began in February, so not that many in that amount of time. I surprisingly sold one (Daisy Downer) almost as soon as I posted it, which was rare (and nice!), so I only have eight for the studio sale so far.

I'm sharing a studio this time around with two other artists. They both sell their work for very low prices, so I feel the need to highly discount these (which I'm reluctant to do), but the area I live in, it's also expected. I will probably keep going with even smaller and simpler pieces to justify the pricing.

Thanks everyone!!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Take one or two of your larger, more pricey ones too and let folks make up their minds if they want one of those. If one sells, that will just be gravy. ;) :)
They may be small but they're mighty! I hope they all sell! Just seeing a fish with legs makes my day.