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Hello all, I'm another of the incomers from WC - though people likely won't know me from over there as I've only been a member for just over a year, and I post mostly in the Scavenger Hunt threads. I try to keep a daily sketching habit, and enjoy making a mess with all sorts of media. Looking forward to participating here and getting to know you all.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Triss! Really happy you decided to join us. :)

I look forward to seeing your work. Keep posting, and have fun!
Welcome Triss! Glad to have you. Why don't you just start a scavenger hunt here. You could put it in the General Discussions. :giggle:
Hi Triss, nice to find you here too, I actually think you do wonders with all media
Triss, from what I have seen of your work on WetCanvas you do a whole lot more than make a mess with all kinds of media. You were inspiring there and I'm sure you will inspire us here too.
Triss welcome, I ditto with Joan above. Your loose strokes take us places. Great to see you here.