New Desert Scene WIP


I just started this new 23 x 30-inch wc, which is going to be one of my kooky desert scenes. It's been hard to dedicate time to it while prepping my garage for October's open studio event, but I'm getting little bits done at a time. :)




I'm doing this on a cold press Arches, which is very different for me. I ran out of the hot press paper. I'm not a big fan of the tooth/texture of this because it's harder to get clarity for me. Seems like I have to "scrub" my brush a lot more to get it into the pores of the paper, whereas on the hot press paper, the color lays evenly on top.

I guess it's just different. A different "look."
Yay! I'm all in - anything that's got antennas, dishes, etc. can't go wrong by mean. Are you going to have a puddle of water around the igloo where it's started to melt??
Interesting .. I like this one a lot. It's curious to see you choose this subject after seeing many desert kind of themes paintings from you. Arty, good work already done on this one. Hope the support material will work ok for you.
This looks like it's going to be great! Really nice.

Cold vs hot pressed is night and day, isn't it? I love the flat hard feel of HP! CP definitely has its place but is surely going to diffuse the lines a bit. Frankly, yours look sharp as a briar to me on this closeup. (y)

Looking forward to seeing more!
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate all these great comments. Bongo, I will have to consider making a melt puddle. I hadn't thought of that.

I haven't been working on this much, but I put a little more work into it a couple of days this week. Here it is now (not the greatest image, but...):

you have brilliant ideas put on the surface. i like that out of the box minds. excellent work. any advanced since last post?
Thank you Cindy and Lazurus. I am touched.

Lazarus, I only wish I had more progress on this. I may be able to squeak some out today. I've been prepping for a big open studios event that takes place all of this month and it's been a lot of hard work, taking up my energy and time. Plus, all my other life sucks up my time as well. I hope to have some time today to work on this.
This made me chuckle. What a cute idea! Kind of reminds me of my own "igloo" in the mountains with a too-short radio antennae and no chance for much in the way of internet or tv. I even have an old-fashioned mailbox like that one.

I thought I was an oddball for preferring hot press paper but I'm glad to see there are others who like it better, too.