New Art From Life Forum


Hi All! I just added a new forum called "Art From Life" under Genre & Style. If you think it belongs under a different sub, please give me some feedback. Here is the description:

This forum is for making art from life, like Plein air or life drawing. The subject does not matter. It can be the human figure, botanical, or a beautiful landscape. One can use any medium: drawing or painting, as long as it is made from life. Have fun and give feedback when asked.
Okay, I'll bite😉, what is a Hunt in this context?
Hello E.J.H. ... we have run a Scavenger Hunt for every 9 days... Like the host of that Hunt will post a prompt list for anyone to try to draw/paint from life and share it under the Hunt thread. We don't need to do all items, and we can draw the item in any order we like, or we can interpret the item as we see fit or even substitute something if we don't have that item. It is fun... Pls. keep checking this Forum...
Cool. I am trying to het myself in gear and draw/paint more from life.
Pls. do so... you will have fun... and we don't have to be too serious of the result... but if we do it often, we will draw and paint better.