NE corner of our new back yard


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Oil pastelle ~5x6” I started this early before much light, but finished it later. The “pond” behind the fence is just light enough to show reflections, then the sun came up!😲😊😲😊
Thanks, Both, it is peaceful For now. School’s about out, and there’s a number of pre-teens and older, too, in the neighborhood. The playground is across the pond, not far distant.
Barbwire the perimeter. That will keep the little buggers out. Yes, the chair gives it gravitas. I like it.
Very nice PA.
I too had a chair like that in the garden where you could just sit and be as one with the place.
😂😂😂Lain, I HAD a zapper till a few months ago! Odd, I wasn’t going to put the chair in, you can see the construction lines, but did anyway. Glad you like it.
Trier, thanks. I may move the chair close to the fence into shade later. Thanks for your comment. I hope to be able to use ops more often, too.