Nature's Voice 4



11 x 14 oil on paper Alla Prima
.. I had a version 3 but it found it's way to the sin bin. Like a lot of paintings when in the moment it felt and looked really good but a few days later it showed up a lame duck in a race that featured walking and not flying.
Wow! A GREAT one for sure. I love the skinny little tree trunks all over the place. I mean, I love everything about it! The knife details tell such a great story about your process. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Beautiful colors and a warm inviting feel to it , despite being a snowscene.
A good one.

BTW, I have a ton of what you term 'version 3' lying about that I keep in the vain hope I can 'fix' them with a little more skill, and learn something in the process.
Thanks Arty... knives are fun and I sometimes forget and go all ou with the knife.

Thanks Trier. I paint alla prima so there is never fixing. I tear it up and make a new one.
I like this one at lot and this one reads snow, so don't tell me you painted water. 😁 This is very good. Knives can be picky or freeing. So glad you are having fun with them.
Thank you very much Joe, and you can call me Wayne, enyaw is Wayne backwards. I'm forward bound now.
Yes, I paint one session, wet into wet. Anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Very seldom longer unless I paint a few times a day which happens now and then. All my supports are no larger than 11 x 14 inches and mostly that size.
thanks Wayne, thanks for the explanations and information about your process and supports.
yesterday I tried again with the gaughe, I tried a copy, study of a painting by Chagall, I started with the pencil but this time I tried to draw less.