Woods Interior



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted March 18/24
Had company. 14 people in my house for a week celebrating my wife's 75 Bday .. awesome but glad it's over .. now to try and gain some semblance as to where I was before it all began ...
14 people in my house for a week celebrating my wife's 75 Bday
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Wayne! ❤️ 14 people visiting sounds hectic! Whew!

Now to the painting...love this palette! The soft grays against those reddish browns is gorgeous! One of those understated beauties that you're so good at. Love it!
Thank you Terri. Yea, crazy. We only have 4 bedrooms so there were blowup mattress around the basement rooms. All related so it was a big camping trip. One got dibs on one bedroom, another don’t care as long as they are at the party. Sure gathered up a lot of recycle. You’d think we had company. 😂 it was good to have the kids and grandkids all together in one place.
Wow what a party! I’m glad you and your wife got to have everyone together to celebrate her big day. This painting is so quiet and restful and I think it’s really beautiful.
Love the palette and the atmosphere to this one. Really nice red tones in the foreground. Sounds like a fun party! 🙂