Nature's Flow



this is 11 x 11 .. was 11 x 14 but I cropped it with a knife as it was on paper
.. oil > Alla Prima < Knives
Love these greens and oranges. ♥️

You must live in an amazing area Wayne! Oh yeah. Canada. What part?
Thank you Arty. I live o the South Shore of Nova Scotia .. most of my coloring comes out of my head. I spent a lot of time out doors and have some good memories. One winter day the sky was so blue and the burnt orange on the trees flashed their brilliance and I saw orange trees. It was quite lovely. Light does have strange effects on how we see and then retrieve to our brain the image before our eyes. I have a lot stored in there over time. This particular one reminds me of Group of Seven though it is different. They used bigger splashes of color. I think I may spend an hour or two later today and study a few of their paintings before I go back to the oil hole tomorrow morning.
Nice Wayne. I like the flow of the water and the surfaces of the rocks.
Nice one Wayne - the water looks great and I love those foreground colours. :)
The east coast of this continent is amazing, Nova Scotia is no exception. I have not been there. Yet.

I know what you mean about the sky color. Here it is such a blue that people in LA don't believe me until they come out. It is pure cerulean blue.
This is my new favorite of yours, Wayne. Really beautiful! I was reading a new art magazine yesterday and there is a page for an artist named Brad Teare. Have you seen his work? It reminds me of yours very much.
Oooo, I really like this work. I can't wait to explore him more. He's a lot "tidier" than Wayne, but I can see the very similar light and shadow, subject matter, and texture. Thank you for the link. :)
Thank you Anne, Queen, Kay, and Donna.

Donna, Brad doesn't use grays as I do but he does apply thick paint as I do, except he uses a brush and I use a knife. He has good control of color. Thank you.

Arty, Quebec is like that. I always thought artist from there over emphasized the sky but it really is blue blue.
Wayne....this one really has such a wonderful feel and the palette works so very well. Wonderful balanced composition with great movement in the water. Love it.