Name that face!


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Easy to forget how long photography has been around -- name this famous artist-

first to answer correctly without a reverse image search gets a free latte at your local Starbucks - just tell them Bongo sent you.
Canadian? SOB .. I knew I knew the photo .. but was a million miles away on who I thought it was. Definitely not Canadian.
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looks like Van gogh.
winnah winnah! This photo had me completely thrown for a loop. Only have seen self-portraits of a mature Van Gogh.
Lazarus since you were so fast to identify the photo, when you go to Starbucks to cash in on your latte, tell bongo said to throw in a biscotti too!
Now for an extra shot of expresso - which ear did Van Gogh cut? - no google searches - limit two guesses per person.
Yes, he must have used a mirror - which is standard practice in self-portraiture.

NOW - The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam assures that Van Gogh was right-handed - so it's no surprise that in a self-portrait of him at the easel the palette is on his right arm - since the mirror reverses the image.

Then this self-portrait gave kept me up at nights - the palette appears to be on his left hand where it belongs -and not reversed by the mirror?

But I have an explanation. - all we see of his hand is the thumb- and look how awkwardly it's painted. If the palette was on his arm as shown, then the thumb would instead point towards his right shoulder not contorted in such a near-impossible way.

My guess since the composition would look strange if he were holding a brush in that position, he was forced into painting a palette on the arm but without the aid of a mirror- -- and without thinking about it too much.
hmm. I wonder if I've posted about it here before ? It's possible. I'm quite proud of myself for spotting the incongruities with the thumb etc. and proposing a plausible explanation. I haven't read/heard of it being a subject of speculation by anyone else. I'd be interested to know if it has. Anyway, if I did post about it here before, I apologize for the excessive chest thumping.
Van Gogh was my immediate thought, but then I looked more and changed my mind and thought it couldn't be!

Has anyone else seen that animated movie 'Loving Vincent'? It's absolutely amazing. For anyone who hasn't seen it, the whole thing is animated in the style of Van Gogh's paintings. It's extraordinary, and very watchable.
Yes, it's a beautiful film. I love the fact the entire film is animated in oil painting.
I know, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It's just not like anything else I've ever seen. Amazing project - a real labour of love.
it's one of my favorite movies, it's beautiful, Loving Vincent.
Many works are specially made paintings, they gave life to the paintings.
part of the film is also made with some film by the actors, they are videos that they have combined, reworking the images, using effects.
includes these two techniques the film, I had read. all fantastic anyway, even the story that linked was nice.
Bongo, very interesting posts and considerations.