My old setup. way too much stuff.


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Wow! Thanks for these pictures. Love them. ♥️

I love how compact your WC set is.

In your old set up, how did you haul all that stuff out there with you? Maybe you didn't trek out very far on foot?
My watercolor "studio" fits in a fanny pack. 6 media, several sizes of paper, all the equipment. The start and nucleus was a W&N Cottman watercolor box, to which I've added: gouache, ink, Inktense, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils. Highly versatile, take it with me everywhere!
I use my Mabef French and my little camp table setup if I'm painting from the truck or atv as it is heavy. On my bike or pond boat, I tend to carry my Guerilla French Resistance as it fits in either pannier or bike trailer. On my horse I carry my teeny little Guerilla Thumb Box as it fits nicely in a saddlebag (It also accompanies me on my tractor occasionally). I have a Mabef Pochade w wooden tripod which I keep fitted w pastels and a Sienna All-In-One who currently at home looking pretty in my living room.

I have a Sienna Art Bench which I pulled out of a thrift store in several pieces recently which my Dad helped me repair. It now sits in my living room w a cat blanket on it (she loves it, btw). For watercolors I use a Field Box and my old Craftsman tool bag, and I have a couple bags/backpacks I use for drawing and my PanPastel outdoor supplies. I also have a few cases I have found at thrift stores which retrofitted perfectly for pastels, and I use these outside. I also have a Guerilla Flex Easel.

In colder weather I have a truck tent w camp heater and if I'm on the ground, I'm standing on a rubber mat. I love drawing and painting outside..
Wow! Thanks for these pictures. Love them. ♥️

I love how compact your WC set is.

In your old set up, how did you haul all that stuff out there with you? Maybe you didn't trek out very far on foot?
I would only paint around my cabin. it is on a beaver pond. There is lots to paint within 10 minute walk.
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I'm not a Plein air painter, so it fascinates me. One day I hope to do it. I have only done very quick sketches.
you don't have to go far. The bugs will drive you crazy. I carry a can of Raid with me. But it adds something to the painting. Being outside in an uncontrolled enviroment. Painting something as the sun moves and the lighting all changes is fun ( in an insane kind of way). 🤪
Love your embossed leather sketchbook (am I seeing that correctly?). We don't have too many flying bugs out here, except bees, which I'm allergic to! I'd have to worry about snakes and bobcats mostly. I don't mind them so much. They don't want much to do with you either if you both mind your own business. I've done sketches and brought them back to the studio and made paintings out of them...I just need to go that extra mile and actually spend time and paint outside.
All your setups look great to me, but then I've never done plein air. I would likely overdo it because I struggle to pare down to the basics, which is key. Putting it another way, you'd be impressed by how much I can get into a standard carry-on suitcase. :giggle:

Your sketchbook is so lovely! Kudos to you for getting out there like this!
Yahoo! Love the guerilla box on the tripod ... and the portable book and pencil case for the coffee shop sketches
Thanks for the photos of your set-up. You really downsized! I've been looking at those sketchbooks that have straps that hang around the neck so you can draw/paint without having to hold it up. I'm curious if anyone has tried it. I think I would still end up dumping my pencils in the field.
I have fitted out one of my small field sketching boards (that I cut down, one could also use a standard clipboard) with a strap and it works well. I clip a few sheets of paper to it. It fits in my saddlebags. My minimalist kit..
Nelson, nice to see your easels for plein air. Your cabin area sounds like a nice place to paint. So, you have experience of the mosquito net, too. 🦟🦟 I've painted twice in Lapland with the mosquito net which I have actually entire coat. The first plein air trip up north I was cool with it, it didn't bug me at all but the second one from this summer I couldn't tolerate it anymore simply because I can not see values and colors as good as without the net covering my face.