My long road ...


It often look back and think I spent a lot of time convincing myself that Art wasn't Me. It kept tugging and I kept pushing it away. Despite graduating as a teacher with a High Distinction in my majors - ceramics and photography. Then taught art for over 10 years. Years 1 - 8 and as an exercise to help students trust their creativity. It took a few things to let me see art in my futur e. First, huge life change where a.l my physical a tidily was severely curtailed. Then, I rediscovered my paternal grandfather had been a portrait artist. Lastly I discovered the beauty of watercolour at a University of West Aust Sumner School. was hooked, but not convinced! Retirement, a sta p of the coot enrolment in a Joe Furlonger (Brisbane) acrylic workshop where I was totally overwhelmed,but I was hooked well and truly this time. Lastly, a workshop facilitator (Flying Arts, Brisbane) challenged me: are you going to be an artist, or will you always be emerging! It was done, that's when I got serious.
Thanks for your background, Jennie. It is great to get to know you better. :)

Sorry, what does BABBA mean?