My first post here.


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In my introduction of today (Welcome centre) I wrote the my club has a portraitmodel every week. My usual procedure is to first make a quick drawing (app 5 minutes) in a nero pencil, followed by a drawing in sanguine, which will take me about 15 to 20 minutes. After the subsequent coffee break a make a somewhat more elaborate drawing in charcoal on grey paper, hightened with some white.
Based on a photograph I take during this session I proceed to make a watercolor and/or oilpainting of the subject in my studio at home.
Here are my drawings of Nico and Paul.


Very good Hans. Welcome again and thanks for posting. These are very well done. I like the sketchy lines and cyan pencil you used for the second drawing. :) Well done.
Welcome to CS, Hans 👋

These are great portraits. Something I definitely need practice at!
These are both very nice sketches on their own, Hans! Good shading and lines.

They are certainly lovely sketches to work from, proceeding to oils - very impressive.
Lovely portrait drawings - I particularly like your quick lines and energy in the first one - and really admire how you've captured such a good sense of character in both.
Wonderful drawings. Portraits are something I should practice too. On my list of things to do......