Paul in watercolor


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Please have a look at my previous post in drawing ( on my procedure for portraits. Attached the subsequent watercolor which I made in my studio directly with the brush (no drawing).

Paul in watercolor.jpg
VERY good. It's a watercolorist's watercolor. Great brush stroke/gestures. Excellent likeness to the drawing. Well done! ♥️
I remember seeing your sketches the other day- and here he is!

What delicate painting. This is really lovely, and a terrific likeness of the subject. Wonderful work, Hans!
Great watercolor. Impressive skills doing it directly with a brush!
Fresh, spontaneous, and minimal brush strokes to convey the subject. You could teach portraits!
Very nice portrait. Spontaneous - captures the character ,

Most inspiring to see art done with no drawing. It takes very accomplished hand to eye coordination. Keep up the good work.
It's a lovely portrait and bears an excellent resemblance to Paul (in your earlier post).
And excellent brushwork it is to my eye! Shows your level of experience and skill. Bravo! 👍🏼👍🏼
Excellent work. Such good judgement of values and when to stop. Your work is very helpful for me to study, as I am just starting out doing portraits in water media.