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I honestly don't feel very confident posting too much of my art here anymore (since all the new members have come), but lately I've been on a project where I'm scanning some old pictures of work I no longer have for the database I keep. I came across a few I wasn't that embarrassed of. Ha ha ha.

I did this one in 2002. It's an oil on canvas. 20 x 16 inches.

I love this. I wonder if it was what they call a breakthrough piece in your development.

As for the new members and work, I felt the same way (but with more justification) for about five minutes, but then I thought, "Stuff it!" Or words to that affect. 😁
I love this one. It is a happy painting. It makes me smile.
Arty you should feel fine posting your work. I look forward to seeing your work.
Do I like everything I see? (I'm talking about all the art works I see on here from everyone.) No. But I can still learn from it. Do I like everything I do? No. I show some things I think are pretty bad but everything can't be a masterpiece. It's all about learning, growing and experimenting.
Please don't deprive us of your work.
Thank you Iain. I knew you'd get it. It was not a breakthrough piece at all. It's quite similar to many other things I made around that time and before. Lot's of folk-art/therapeutic type work.

Thank you for your comments Wayne. I appreciate it.

Queen Bee, thank you for your sweet words. I am glad you look forward to seeing my work. I don't look forward to posting it much. It's just a personal preference and I feel I need to withhold it, perhaps to save my own peace of mind and personal integrity. I feel the landscape of the forum is changing and I have to rethink some things about my personal participation. However, I love seeing other people's art and talking about art very much. ♥️
Add me to the list of admirers of this one, Arty! It's really touching, maybe because they are all holding hands and life seems so perfect for them in their yellow-infused town. I enjoy seeing your work very much because it's so unique and it's nice to know that such high levels of creativity exist. Thanks for all you do here and as a new member I really appreciate all the work that goes into maintaining this place.
What? I'm certainly not here to impede your expression? I love this! It strikes me as very playful at a glance, but there seems to be a story there when the eye lingers.

Also, it makes me think of Lyonel Feininger x Paul Klee on a very sunny day:

lyf.jpg X paul.jpg
I love it. ❤️ I've been drawn to all of your work, it seems, regardless of the time period or style. It always has a directness and honesty to it. I don't really have words for it, I just like looking at it - but I suppose that's the point.
Wonderful !
This one really resonates with me to the point where I feel impelled to make a copy to hang on the wall somewhere to study and commune with.

It is my wife taking our daughter to church or shopping or visiting only 'yesterday'. Words cannot express.

Thank you for posting this Arty.
I'm really sorry that you're not feeling confident about sharing some of your work, Artyczar. I'm one of the new members & just want to say that I'm loving getting to know your style. I really hope you'll feel happier about sharing stuff - because I'd be so interested in hearing more about your current projects (your mention of your 'This Land' theme really excited me, and made me think more about the kind of stuff I'd like to explore, too - I just don't know you well enough yet to pester you with all my questions!).
Ayin, I enjoy your painting, especially that strong blue diagonal crossing the yellow canvas.
I also had stopped posting because I found that I was starting to repeat myself. But,
I enjoy so much looking at everyone’s art, now recognizing the different styles.

I also feel safe here. 🙂
Wow. I don't know what to say. I am feeling very supported now. Now I'm a little embarrassed honestly. Maybe I need to rethink some things.

I just want to thank everyone. This is a little overwhelming to say the least. I swear I did not say these things to get a bunch of this kind of attention. I just feel maybe that all the migration from the other site has more of a traditional kind of flavor to it and I felt a little out of sorts. It was affecting my confidence.

I've been trying to get the artists I know in real life to come here and participate, but many of them are very Instagram-centric. It's hard. I guess most of them are not really forum people.

But I appreciate all the authentic interest in my work. It really means a lot and now I will reconsider posting my art. Sorry if I sounded silly.

THANK YOU!!!!! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thank you truffle.

Oh, the "story" behind this is a "good" memory of my mom dragging me shopping with her all over town every weekend when I was little. She'd go all over town to all the department stores. She'd buy so much shit--outfits and shoes--and then take it all back the following week! Ha ha ha. :ROFLMAO: She was crazy.