Mockup of the weird sculpture I'm still working on


This is a crazy "floor sculpture" I've been working on - on and off for a little while now. I'm putting quotes around it because I don't know if I should be calling it a sculpture. It's made up of things I've procured and have been altering. It's far from finished, even at this stage. This is a Photoshop mockup: the tower of animals is not secured to the drums yet. I still have to build the inner workings to lock them in and make them stable.

There are also going to be hanging elements that will fall from various animals (embroidered tags with various words on them, like heal, rest, forgive, protect, support, etc.), a stuffed fish that will hang on a line coming out of the dinosaur's mouth, and a kind of Victorian parasol shooting up at the very top right before the animals begin to curve...if you can picture all that.

Lastly, I'm thinking about pulling a bunch of threads out (and adding some) to make all the sewing look a lot more tattered. but I haven't decided on that part yet. But at least you can get an idea.

Also, it is entitled "Sangoma's Totem." Forgot to mention that. It basically means shaman's tower.

Must be a sculpture cause it's definately off the wall .. it's nice but I don't know that I would venture into the scared things of aboriginal peoples. It's a strange world today. Actually quite cute idea. Marching to a different drummer.
Yeah, I was looking at this sculpture on your blog and I wondered how you got them all together. Like, did you drill holes in their middles and stick them through a bendable pipe-thing? I wonder where you bought them and why you chose the ones you did. I wonder where you got those little feet. I wonder if those are your actual drums. The tags and threads (I vote for those!) will add another bit of wonderment. So yay you and I’ll be looking forward to seeing the end result.

And like Wayne, I wonder if you think about appropriation. I deal with that myself CONSTANTLY. I’ve used signs and symbols of different cultures and I don’t usually know if I’m using something I shouldn’t.

Like, I have some paintings with native imagery but I’m afraid to show them anywhere around here. Once, I spoke to a native artist who was selling some pottery outside the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. I told him the exhibit inside was pretty inspiring and was giving me some ideas for a painting. I asked if that was wrong, and he kind of shrugged and said, “as long as you’re being respectful.” So, what does THAT even mean? And I’m sure other natives, maybe more activist in their thinking, would have a more critical point of view like….stick to YOUR own experience white girl.

So. Just hmmmmmmmm……….
Well, thank you both, Wayne and Olive. I really appreciate your input. If anything, you've sealed the deal on some decisions I was trying to make on parts of my show for a while now. And I will definitely rename this sculpture. I don't know what it will be yet, but it won't have any kind of Zulu connotation anymore. It's supposed to be about healing. I will figure something out. Thanks again. ♥️
The sculpture will stand on its own merits - it's about healing, as you say, and goes with your whole theme for this show. (I'm thinking of Medicine Dan here.) No worries; you'll find a name for it. Or maybe it doesn't even need one. I love the tattered threads idea, and those little shoes for feet are so YOU it's slaying me! :)

This is fun and imaginative, and looks really challenging. I'm interested in watching the progress. ❤️
Well, ya'll don't even know the headspin I just went through the last couple of hours. And it's not because of your responses. However, it did sort of push me over the edge.

If these two responses I got from Wayne and Olive on the title of this particular sculpture, I thought, What are people going to say about the other installation I have planned for my show? I won't even go into depth about it, but it was full of African artifacts. It's just not my place, is what I've been thinking ever since I planned it. The seed of doubt has been here since the beginning, and now, I've decided to take it out completely.

- Deleted content -

Terri, thank you for your vote of confidence and compliments on the sculpture. I know I'll find, probably a better name for it. ;)
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I like how you are developing this work and, not surprisingly, how you are involving us in your decisions. Also, please don't worry about any "cultural appropriation" issues—I believe it is impossible to create anything without appropriation.

Are you familiar with David Altmejd's sculptures?

Thank you Hermes. I have seen David Altmejd's work before, but not this video. He is a fascinating artist to me. His approach is so organic and humble, yet he creates such complex structures. He's pretty amazing. Thanks for posting this! I loved watching it. ♥️
Very whimsical and playful. Perhaps the proposed title is not so much culturally inapt, but you could use a more generic or neutral word or term for such an object.
I guess I never came back to this thread to announce the new name of this. It's been "Loon Landing Module" for some time now. Thank you to everyone for your input. :)