Martini Dan


Here is Martini Dan! You can guess why (maybe?). He's inside of the olive that is garnished inside of the drink!

This is an oil painting on a 20 x 20 inch canvas. (Not the greatest photo.)

Thanks Wayne. It's okay that you wouldn't have guessed it. That's what it felt like to me. Dan lives in his own world and sometimes only can communicate through my brain vapors. :ROFLMAO:
This is my kind of aesthetic! It is delicious! like a martini-soaked olive. Those colours are a favourite combination.
I wonder, if this was sold, was the buyer aware of the story behind it...I can imagine it a talking point with guests.
I agree with the others- love this color combo, this one packs a soft punch. I wouldn't have guessed the olive, either. Loving all the detail lines swirling through Dan.

This one makes me smile! 👏
Love those vivid colors and the ever-popular Dan! It's a very strong graphic image, kind of like a product logo or something.
Thank you very much Iain, Terri, Donna, and Kay! ♥️

Iain, I have not sold this one. It's in a box in storage, which is why I haven't taken a new, good picture of it. It's also never been exhibited.