Little Series I Did


All 11 x 14 oil on paper Alla Prima
.. not sure but I think it could be contemporary impressionistic expressionism or all out junk.


I'm Tired, Man


When Angels Sing


That's As Low As I Can Sell It For


LtlMissBrit @ Five .. Enjoying the studio


The Question
NOT JUNK! Awesome! I love the style and technique! Did you use a knife and a brush? The colors are beautiful. The figures are so appealing. I love these. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ⚡
Thank you Arty
.... knife, brush, nail punch, fingers, credit card. Whatever was close. I went with color into and over color ... no rules; just freedom of expression with an accent on light and life. If it wasn't working, scrape it out and have another go at the particular passage that was nagging me.

I had a nice little square knife that I did not like when I first got it because it's marks were so different most times but then I fell it love with it because of the variety and unexpected marks. However, it was cheap and finally broke under the pressure I put on it. I just may have to find a better version of it. Cheap knives are not tempered properly so the flex is missing.
A metal knife broke? That sucks. I've had mine for like 30 years. You must be pretty rough on them. ;)
What a fun technique! I like them all but I'm especially taken with When Angels Sing. I don't know if it is the colors you used, the composition or just the overall painting, but I really like it. ❤️ ❤️
Thank you Iain, Arty, and Sno.

I have a couple of knifes for 30 years as well. They are Italian and very thin tempered steel. The one I broke was a cheap ass knife with little to no flex. Dang blade just snapped.

Sno, I like the comp on that one and the light.
My favourite is Little Miss in the studio, to paraphrase the title. Edit. It is glorious. Just had to add.
These are all fascinating. I especially like the way you've captured the play of light in That's as Low As I Can Sell it For (great title). I hope you keep going with this, what an interesting direction.
They are great, lovely bright light! My personal favorite is "That's as low as I can sell it for ".
Thank you Iain, Truff, Ny, and EJ

They were fun and I tried to carry it over to other things. Not sure how that worked as they are still on the drying rack. Will have a look later today.
Ah! Really good to know. I have some of that (not Dorlands) but some Gamblin cold wax medium. I didn't realize it helped in the drying process.
It does as well it turns your oils completely matte if you use enough. When you mix it with your paint mix it thoroughly. Gambling is similar to Dorlands. Williamsburg has too much oil so you can't get the matte finish. Nothing worse than trying to see a painting and seeing a big old glare of white light.
Somehow my previous reply got lost. I said that the one of the little dear girl singing in front of what looks like a dollhouse had great impact and evoked strong memories.
They are all really enjoyable paintings.

I am glad to learn of your experience with cold wax, it is very helpful. Thanks.