Linden Avenue


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Plein Air 14"x 18" oil on panel
comments welcomed

Linden Avw2613.jpg

A great one. I particularly like the gestures of some of these trees (the ones to the far left, and the ones in the distance directly right of the house/apartment). Well done!
Hey, you left out the little girl on the pink bike! ! Well ❤️ done.
Thank you so much guys. I want to do more plein-air but in a "stylistic" rather than a "realistic" way. This is sort of a transitional piece into that.

The little girl rolled onto the scene just as I was about to take a shot of my set-up - and my old street photographer instincts kicked in and so I had to include her.
Interesting comp. I like your interpretation of the complex scene. You’re breaking rules with The horizontals of the railing and it’s seems to work.