I wasn't going to post anything on this forum ever again after being completely ignored before, ha ha ha. But here's the latest watercolor. 7 x 10 inches on Arches. I won't take this one down this time. I'll leave it here despite whatever happens.

I'm with sno. It is a fine WC and showcases your control of the medium. And it is lovely. It makes me want to experience the high desert landscape. And wear a poncho like the High Plains Drifter. Got a light? 🤠👈
Thank you guys! I feel so loved!!!! I didn't like it at first and I almost ruined it with ink or colored pencil, but I somehow kept it a "pure" watercolor. Now I like it for leaving it alone.
I agree with everyone, it's wonderful, I like it a lot ,the sensations aroused by the view of the landscape are also beautiful
This is great ! Going to be one of my favorites.

It just exudes that high dessert feeling and makes me want to see it again. Lovely.
Trier, thank you so much. That is so great to hear! ❤️
EJH, I am thrilled to read what you said. That means just about everything to me. Seriously.
Thank you Nufocus. I appreciate that, and Bongo--WOW! I will take your comment all the way to the Bitcoin bank. Thank you so much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️