Lake scene with boats

P. Barrie

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24” x 18”, oils on panel, from phot ref, Alla Prima two sittings about 4 hours ( not counting cleaning brushes, breaks, etc.)

Ultramarine, cobalt blue, WN perylene black(Pbk31), yellow ochre, violet (PV19), Cad yellow light, Burnt umber, Burnt Sienna, Titanium/zinc white.

I used bigger brushes and tried very hard not to fuss.

Comments welcome

There's a lot of depth in this. Love the coloring and the clouds. You do water and the reflections so well. The "no fussing" shows.
I'm drawn to the distant boat, framed so well by the three. A nit--I find so many boats on V left distracting.
Beautiful painting. Consider this a comment and not a crit, but are you sure the wind is blowing from the same direction on all the boats? :giggle:
is wondeful.
and how beautiful the sea, its reflections, or the sky and the ships
It's great. I also try to combat the fuss, but not as successful as you!
I particularly like the reflection of the green on the waves.
Many Thanks to all.
ntl, the distant boat helps give scale to the distance and draws attention.

Sno, I’m not sure about the wind. 😊. In the photo there was little water movement. The boats were probably idle or motoring. I exaggerated the ripples.

Arty, started with larger brushes and finished details with some smaller, 2s, 4s.

Joe, glad you like it.

Lain, EJH, I’m having some success by pushing myself to work faster. I think it makes me focus harder and be more determinant and confident.
Once again, besides the execution (I am no painter anyhow), i am drawn by the subject, this time by the excess of sky and water. It is a pleasure to behold, if only in digital. 👍