Kitchen&Bath Gallery - post#4


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Hooray, this one uploaded with no trouble, not like the last 3. Same proceedure , different results.
Whoever said (maybe Einstein), that doing the same thing and expecting different results is not rational, was obviously not using a computer.

The design was suggested to me by the grain pattern in a plank of wood I had. It looked like a canyon in Utah and I imagined that maybe somewhere there is an undiscovered geyser of fire similar to the steam of Old Faithful. The blue flame was inspired by the large flare offs of gas at the Exxon refinery nearby; like a giant Bunsen burner. Those flames have no, or very minute, traces of yellow, which I wish now I had added.

Note to Arty ; the motifs for these tall format pieces are kind of limited and really make you think if you are trying for any kind of variety. I think I will shift into abstract to make it easier for a bit.
This is a great one!

I did quite a few tall format paintings some years ago on planks of wood. I enjoyed doing them. Then I switched to turning them horizontally and found that to be challenging, but liked those for the abstracts ones even better.