Just two flowers...

Dave Woody

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Acrylic on paper. 50cm x 30cm.
As you know I cannot paint realistically, but...I just love using my fingers
....much recycled paper as you'll all notice, no doubt.

It kind of makes for an interesting background tho'....Lord knows I need
all the help I can get to make my stuff interesting.
Not bad Dave and you made the vase transparent. Many accomplished artists can't do that. :giggle:
So....being the jokerartis' I am.....
... my lovely wife kept suggesting I add
more flowers so I did .....
....I decided it would look nice on a wall in
my brother-in-laws new gaff in Leznica Wielka, Poland. But far too serious so I redid it as if Picasso had been on the Vodka.
There is Chopin vodka, Krupnik, Bols, Wyborowa, Zytnia, Zubrowka, Sobieski, Copernicus and a thousand others but
no Picasso vodka.....so it will be unique.
I like it......