I've lost my perspective


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My little paperback book on it, that is. In the move--it didn't make it...It had probably less than 50 pages, was sort of cartoon-ie, sort of squarish, maybe 7" x 7" and simple and easy to follow. I have no idea of the name or author or print date, I had it for at least 11 years. I'm looking on Amazon and haven't seen it yet. Does anyone know of the book, or can recommend one? It covered 1, 2, and 3 point perspective and a bit more, a good, basic guide. Thanks.

There are a couple of major used book sites. Anyone know of one?
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Amusing topictitle, you had me worried for a moment ;)
Can't help you with your problem I am sorry to say. My little book of perspective is in dutch, ancient and yellowed, given to me by my father. By the description of yours, it sounds like mine digs a bit deeper, it goes well beyond what one needs for "casual" application.
Hi Ntl, maybe it was a book by Norling, I think his books are very beautiful, and I read them as recommended, a cartoon, maybe it was this, I had read very well on WC

I think it is a good book, there are probably other possibilities, waiting for other answers I am writing to you just what I thought, the phantom drawing perhaps is no longer in print, it does not appear on the book sites, sold directly, but there is the same very nice book author, perhaps this author quality price seems a possible solution Perspective Made Easy

the title is
Perspective Made Easy
I think I found it:
(PERSPECTIVE) BY POWELL, WILLIAM F.(Author) Walter Foster Publishing[Publisher]Paperback{Perspective} on 01 Jan -1989. It should arrive in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, maybe more Van Gogh type furniture!

The book "Perspective" arrived today, sooner than I expected. From thriftbooks largest online used book store. $5.00+, it's the one I was looking for. I think it's new, the back does not appear to have been broken! (Maybe I'll stick with the Van Gogh look for a while anyway...) :)