broken phone oppo


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advice for broken phone, I dropped it tonight and the screen broke, the protective glass broke but also the actual screen, I don't know if it's damaged, maybe a sign but it's all black,
, I would like to have it fixed, but I would like to ask you for advice, I don't know if it is better to fix it, or a new cheap phone or look for a used phone but I don't want to buy online,
or screen of my Oppo A91 phone, I have no idea of its current value, I think I paid €250 or €230 when I got it. maybe 250. I don't remember if it included the case or those separately.

, it was injured and now everything is black, it rings if they call me, it answers the keys, even touh I think, doubt and if therefore it is repairable and the timing as I have no other telephone,
I think replacing the screen should work,
I don't know today if it's a phone worth repairing, if a cheap phone would be better than mine, or if repairing it, even at €100 is ok, or if I should look for a phone at €150, max €200 and which one?

friends of my sister in a Chinese shop (a shop for household items, electronic items and they also repair phones) had some phones repaired, the screen, about €80, 70 / 80, maybe 80.

I had it for about 3 years or more, maybe almost 4, having found it well with it I think that it might be worth repairing it instead of replacing it, furthermore I wouldn't want to spend a lot on a phone, on Amazon I saw the part with kit, €25 (I would happy to fix it with €50 but I think it will take around €100), but I don't know how to use it,

However, I don't know what an expert would recommend and if you have alternatively used phones of a similar price range. (one of the things I liked and that at least I receive both wifi and the manager, I have to use the phone, often to give me internet on my PC or tablet.)
I wrote on the internet, through Instagram, to a shop in my town, I think it's another shop, they wrote to me to call them tomorrow morning at a number indicated to me to receive a quote and date

where I come from, there are mainly these two shops, the link contains the entire flyer, some pages are on mobile phones, the photo is only one page from another shop.
I had chosen the phone that broke from the flyer because it contained this one that I had liked reading around on the internet the days before, and the price was not far from the recommended one, this time I would have no idea.
the only thing about mine is that the battery now seemed to wear out quickly but perhaps it depends on the fact that I use the 4g network, the data, perhaps using this causes it to discharge or it is wearing out, I don't know.