It whisky looked finished, to me.....

Dave Woody

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30cm x 20cm paper.

A bit of a giggle about
' ok...I had had a few, but it looked fantastic to me, so I went to bed, looked finished
....really happy with it...... '.

And then, when you wake up, you review last nights work......and.....hmmmm mm....
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Wow Wee! There's no messing about. It's straight to the point. The colours are spot on. The whole work glows as if one were viewing it through the painter's inebriated eyes. Is it me, or is there something van Goghian about this painting? The wobbly black line only adds to the whole effect.

Jesus. I'm sounding like Brian Sewel dribbling over a Titian. So be it.
Thank you, it isn't something I did yesterday, inebriated, it is totally an intended subject.
So....I sent a pic of it and sent a photo of Iain's reply to my good friend and
'proper' artist, Milton Grubert, show off.

He wants to frame it...!!
I'm flattered. A "proper" artist wants to frame my reply. Who would have thought.
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I'm flattered. A "proper" artist wants to frame my reply. Who would have thought.
Send me your Union and Equity membership details, card details and PIN number
(Which we will not share) and we will frame what you said..... your reply in our scheme.....

Sorry....English is not my .....eerste taal
Speaking of whisky. There is a distillery here, adjacent to a nature reserve, and the surrounding trees and shrubbery are black with fungi emitted during the distillery process. It really is a sight to behold, especially during spring when the leaf buds are opening. The contrast between the fresh green leaves and blackened branches...I might snap some shots this year.

When anyone asked in the past about my whisky intake, I would tell them it was part of my heritage, that I was sacrificing myself to maintain the ancient tradition of my forebears. 😁 Well, it does have some basis in fact. OMG, I've just realised I have something in common with the land.