Inherited Shock


I have no idea if I have ever posted this painting, but I did a search and wasn't able to find it. It's old, done in oils, pencil, paper patterns, embroidery, fabrics, wire, paper, thread, tape, etc...on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.
That is an amazing work!

I've not thought about it in such a way, but the stitching works as a metaphor!

I am slow. I often wonder about inheritance.
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Thanks Iain. I am mental, so I know I must have inherited it. But maybe that's just an excuse. I don't know.
Apologies for this delayed response: although I am sure you are busy enough: I've just been farting around as usual.

I think i could be bipolar, although I haven't been given a diagnosis. Certainly anxiety and low self-esteem have plagued me. I would like to trace my birth parent/s, if for nothing else but to gain family health history for my child. I don't think you make excuses. You are too harsh on yourself. If I may be so bold.
No, I don't remember ever seeing it. It is an amazing work. So much to see here and definitely a story. ❤️ ❤️
Thank you sno. I'm glad I can finally show you something you've not yet seen. :LOL:

Iain, my mom was severely bipolar, but this was before they invented the good medications, and I don't think it would have been so awful had she'd been medically managed beyond lithium, as she seemed to get better in the mid 1990s. Growing up with her was pretty horrible though. I too have bipolar 1, which is different than bipolar 2. I am very well managed with meds, but every few years they sort of poop out and I have to go through a battery of new ones to see which cocktail works for me. Those times are hell and can sometimes take many many months.

My dad had anxiety and OCD but was never diagnosed. I have a bit of that too. My brother has never seen a psych, but I know he's a lot like my dad. I think brain chemistry can be inherited. I think there is a lot of nature vs. nurture too, but science has shown that a lot is definitely inherited, and especially exacerbated under stress.
It occurred to me that your story would be something Outlook might be interested in. Imagine the exposure!

Don't forget to mention me while you're live on air 😁
è un lavoro eccezionale ,incredibile, colpisce tanto e come hai mixato, l'armonia che trovano tutti i vari mezzi inseime è incredibile, tutto il lavoro fatto per quest'opera è incredibile (scusa la lingua )
That would be cool, but I don't exactly know what my "story" is! :LOL: 😊
Not to press the point, but I guess that would be a synopsis of your memoir. Possibly crafted to fit the human interest platform. Anyhow, excuse me if this is a post too far.
Thank you so very much Joe! A beautiful compliment. :)

Iain. I don't think it's a post too far. I have just been regretting putting my story out there in the first place, to be honest. :(