In For a Landing(sold)


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I guess this qualifies as a wildlife painting.
In for a Landing.jpg
I can see why this sold Sno. Love the sky color that contrasts against that incredibly rendered eagle. :)
It was big too, 24" X 36". For some reason the size seemed to add to the impact of all the sky. Thank you very much! ❤
I've seen an awful lot of poorly rendered baldies. This isn't one of them, fer sure. Extremely nice work in not making the feathers monochromatic, or too regimented (very common flaw in bad bird paintings or carvings). Killer rendering of the primaries. Relaxed feet, as they should be before a landing. Very fine.
So do most people, but somehow they still get it wrong. You would also think the US government could find somebody who can do it right, but nooooo...