Found another wonderful YouTube to share

Ellen Easton

Was Ellen E. on Wet Canvas
I've recently found my new favorite watercolor artist I wanted to share. His channel is called Wildlife in Watercolor and his name is Paul Hopkinson. His website is I watched his videos (there are 5 for the owl) and it's just amazing how he does this barn owl. All his videos are wonderful but the owl series is my favorite so far. I love to paint wildlife myself so that's why he's really a favorite of mine. I hope people will go check him out.
He is excellent, mainly at detail and exact renderings. Tom Shepherd does a lot of very loose, colorful animals. You may like him, depending on your style. I am trying to interpret subjects, not just copy them. No success yet!
Thanks for the info and link!
You're very welcome!

I was trying out his brush strokes he uses in doing that owl and it's not as easy as he makes it look but I'm slowly getting the hang of it by just practicing. The position of the brush as you hold it is important. Using just the tip of the brush rather than slanting it so that the belly of the brush is in play is the secret. Everyone else may have known that but I'm still a novice in a lot of ways. lol