I Would Rather Feign Insanity than Suffer Anxiety


2 eyes.
Sno finished this off.

Out of the Dark springs Delight.jpg

Details! Details!.jpg
Thank you guys. I like it too. I can't often say that. I have had it in my mind to mix ink drawing and paint. I have noticed that I veer between extremes, drawing with the aid of a framework, design, and a loose inadvertent scrawl, both of which take away the onus, to some extent.
Thank you Arty. The photo is a little off. Your figures in the black hole paintings are excellent. I would like to get back to drawing.
I can relate to the title.
Gonna use it next time I’m in the drug store.
Those discs are very nice, like strands of DNA.
Love the colours.
And 😍 I had to use a magnifying glass to make sure I had the correct smiley, and I'm only 15. Thanks J.
It is 6:00am here and I'm working on this.

I will hopefully fuck it up before sleep 😄 I like and don't like that you related to the title. Your work is so distinctive and beautiful- I hope it can sustain you - It was great seeing the pics with your son and his partner. And I can't forget Bella.