How to delete a smilie in the reply box and insert a thumbs down instead.??


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The title, plus there is no thumbs down option in the "like" menu using the 'like' icon on the lower right, next to the 'reply' icon that I can find anyway.
Thanks John (n) (y)(y)(n)
Yes, I can do that too by using the smilie thing in the top menu bar when clicking on the 'reply' icon in your message and having the big message composing box that has your message quoted in it to start with., But I can't delete the little blue 'like' symbol in the bottom long box in your message #2 that I put there to test, and I can't add a thumbs down next to it in that box; I tried a couple of ways.

I know it is difficult to follow what I am trying to say becase I don't know the proper terminolgy and am probably confused, thanks for the help anyway, it is appreciated.