House in Progress


I've been working on this thing, 23 x 30 inches. I have a long ways to go and I work slow, plus I haven't been on it as many hours a day as I'd like to be.


When you're finished I would like to live there.

I need to make it somewhere only a whacko person would want to live. All the windows need stripes and stuff, pinwheels on the roof, a strange mountain range and some Dr. Suess plants on the hill. I'm still on the red Christmas light bulbs.
Loved the photos in your latest newsletter. It looks a really wonderful place. Hope you have lots of subscribers. You put the work in and the newsletter is great ✊
Thanks you guys! That is super sweet of you to say.

I just finished all the light bulbs today. My feet and legs are killing because I stupidly stood the whole time. Maybe tomorrow I'll add some background and foreground stuff.

I'm in the queue after Iain, I want to live in this, it makes me smile to look at it, imagine the ear to ear grin if I lived there😍
WOW Arty! All those lightbulbs must have been hell to paint! This is getting more interesting all the time. ❤ ❤ ❤
Thank you Sno! Yes, the bulbs were kinds of annoying to paint, but maybe they were worth it.

Bizzi, thanks very much! :)

It means a lot, both of you! ❤ ❤ ❤
I'm pretty much done now, no pic yet though.

I'm working on the sky and feel a little stuck because I sort of wanted it solid cerulean blue, but it's not yet solid. It's got watercolor "features" in it where it's light in spots and I can't decide to leave it that way or try to keep layering on the paint until it's flawless and solid. It will just keep getting darker and darker if I do that though.