Honesty (lunaria) seed pods


2 eyes.
2013. The subject is cliched. Dried seed heads are used in flower arrangements.


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I believe they have a ton of common names. I dont want to play that five word game anymore! Lol.
Yes, when they are dried and before they scatter their seed. Rattle and hum.
.Dried seed pods.jpg
And once they have scattered their load, they take on a translucence which glistens silver in the sun.
Which reminds me of this, a Goat willow, its catkins glowing as if charged with electricity. It is a veritable orgy that time of year. I guess that makes any nature nerd with a camera a pornographer? We will never look on them the same again.
Goat willow 1.jpg
Speaking of which, this is comes to mind. It is entitled, *Buggery," which, I guess, is not quite correct, but I think we get the picture. I love the red of the eyes. Wonder if they are normally like that?
These remind me of peapods, which remind me of Mendel's Laws of Inheritance because he used peas for his experiments. I love biology stuff and sometimes my work addresses this kind of thing, not that you'd ever really know/see that, but it does.

Here is a painting I made a long time ago called Mendel's Peascape.

That painting is quality. It contains late twentieth century aesthetics, but, at the same time, is very contemporary. No? Damn, I sound like a critick. Sic.
Thank you. You don't sound like a critic. Most of my non-art friends think I sound like an art snob, so no worries here. I like art described any which way. ;)