Hi everyone, UK person here!


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Another Wetcanvaser here. I love this new site. Thank you for setting it up! It is easy to navigate and all you folks seem very friendly. I recognise some names and some who are operating under different pseudonyms: you can't hide though because I recognise your art! Lol. Just plucking up the courage to post a painting. For those of you who dont know me, I have been painting in oils for 2 and a bit years and paint mainly landscapes, but I occasionally stray.
Hey Bizzie !

Welcome and I think you will like it here.

Do not hesitate to post because of a fear of invidious comparasions, they don't seem to exist here.

Besides, as long as I am posting you will not be seen as the being in last place. I bring up the Rear Guard, so you will be safe !;)
Hi Trier, I think you underestimate your talent. Your posted work is creative and imaginative! Thank you for the welcome.
Mr Claude J Greengrass, I live near Newcastle upon Tyne.
Thank you Artyczar, for your welcome! :)
Hello from someone north of you.

I have read that bumblebees beat their wings 250 times per second. Unbelievable.
How north is north Iain? North pole maybe?:D

Enyaw, thank you, you have aged a bit since I last saw you. Eebizzib.
I cannot attest to its veracity, but I learned today that copper wire was invented by two Scots fighting over a penny. Hello! 😁 I am so proud.
Watch it! You are close to the border..

Actually, I have a foot in both camps. To be unanimously hated is a privilege. 😄
As a nipper, I was. Not now. Not belonging affords you objectivety, at least that's what I choose to believe.

I enjoyed your comment.
Hello Bizzibee. I'm American but my roots go way, way back to the 1600's in Fairlight, Battle and Rye area in the UK and I'm really proud of that heritage. My family were pioneers here from England in 1880 and settled the upper McKenzie River area back then. The old Easton house almost got taken by the recent forest fires there in recent days.

I look forward to getting to know you better from here on the forums. I'm into watercolors these days but I started out painting with oils. Watercolors intrigue me now and I like them because they're less bulky to carry around and easier on cleanup, etc. I find watercolors much harder to master than I found oils to be, although they were difficult enough. I'm a late bloomer with art. I always thought I hadn't any art talent till I was middle aged and gave it a try.
Hi Grizabella, I have to agree with you that watercolours are hard to master, I work mainly with acrylic but have the odd dabble with watercolours, I find them fun but frustrating ha. Anyway I look forward to seeing your work :)