Hello from So California

Hi, checked out your website. Wonderful landscapes. I’ve been told they are a lot of work and take a lot of planning. One of the people in the art guild I belong to does them and she brings hers in and explains all the steps in making them. i really can appreciate this art form.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Debbie! I checked out the landscapes on your website. They are beautiful - just gorgeous, intricate works of art. I love textile work like this. The textures and use of patterns. Very creative and impressive work.

I hope to see you posting more of your work here. :) Enjoy the forum!
Hello from Texas, Debbie, and a big welcome to you! Make yourself at home. Now to go see your website.
Welcome! I have never seen such textile work before. Unique and creative
Welcome! I wasn't sure what to expect from "textile art" but your pieces are really interesting! Love the colors and textures. I googled other textile art after looking at yours and to be honest, I think yours were better than what Google found. 🙂
Welcome Debbie! Thank you for joining us. As you know, I LOVE your work! I think you are an amazing artists and I'm excited to see more of your work.

For those of you that don't know, I will be showing with Debbie next fall in Santa Monica. ;)

Welcome aboard! :) ♥️