Hello from Idaho, USA

Donna T

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I just realized that in my excitement to join this forum I completely forgot to give a proper introduction. I work mainly in soft pastels but have been experimenting lately with oils and acrylics. I am self-taught other than a few art courses I took while getting a biology degree in college. Art should have been my major but at the time I thought a career that would be more reliable was the best choice. If only I had had more confidence! Now that I'm older and hopefully a little wiser I can say that art is a big part of who I am. I'm grateful to find this place where I can meet other artists and also get some much-needed feedback on my work.
Hi Donna! 👋 I'm happy you're here! Thank you for giving us your background in art.

You're pretty talented for being self-taught. I imagine those art classes flew out of your head a long time ago while pursuing other things! I think we all learn better by doing. Keep up the good work - and welcome!! :)
Donna T, Idaho was a surprise. Don't know why. I love your pastels. Have fun with the new media and techniques. See ya around.
Welcome Donna. Thanks for taking the time to post here and give us a little background on yourself. It's great to know this stuff about our members. I always look forward to your posts. ♥️