Hello. Another from WC.


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Hello, I'm Hipkit. I am an occasional visitor to Wet Canvas who, like so many others, has signed up here after the sad news that Wet Canvas will soon be no more.

I mostly paint in oil pastel and my favourite subject is cats. Sometimes I'll used coloured pencil or watercolour, but I love the physical qualities of oil pastel which feels so playful. Acrylics can be fun, but all that clearing up afterwards . . . !

Painting is very much a hobby for me, not a profession; just something I do for fun. This may explain why my visits and comments are so infrequent. But I've become quite expert regarding cat portraits, so may pop up to comment on any pusscat pictures.

Hello everyone, I'm so glad you're wecoming Wet Canvas refugees.
Hey there, Hipkit!
The OPs go under one roof with the dry pastels here at CS, if I'm not mistaken. Some of the OP regulars WC are here too. I haven't done anything in a while with them, but I also love feel of oil pastels. Also, cat art will not be frowned upon here :) So, anyway, welcome from another WC refugee.
Welcome Hipkit, cats and pastels sounds Like a great combo! Looking forward to seeing your work.
Hi Hipkit, and welcome to the site! So glad to have you here. I look forward to getting to know you and your work. :)
Welcome to the site, Hipkit! :) Glad you found us.

I'm so happy to see another oil pastel enthusiast here. I'm looking forward to seeing your work!
Hipkit, I love to paint cats in watercolor. Welcome! Your experience will be a wonderful asset. I have not done OPs, and also just have art as a hobby.