Hello - another from WC

Pine Cone

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I’ve been participating on the Wet Canvas Scavenger hunts for awhile, and hope to continue doing that here during these next few weeks 😀

Lovely to find Creative Sparks with lots of the features of the old Wet Canvas, but clean and useful and lovely and wonderful. Such a rush of good feeling to find this place, and so many friendly faces 😀
Hi, Pine Cone. Fun to see you here, looking forward to seeing your sketches and drawings and your thoughts on art ... and life.
JoC and tyree — so lovely to see you both here ☀️ — I’ve missed you guys so much 😄 thanks for your kind welcome 👋

Artyczar — thanks for the welcome and for all you’re doing with this site for all of us — you’re an inspiration and a saint ! 😇😄

fedetony, Triduana, Queen Bee and KreativeK — I recognize you from WC and it’s good to see you here — thanks for the warm welcome 👋

Lazarus and Terri — thanks for the welcome, and good to meet you ! 😄
Thank you Pine Cone. I am not a saint at all, not in any way. :devilish: :ROFLMAO: I appreciate your nice words though. No one is a saint though.